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Our team

Since 2022, WSLA has been designed and delivered in partnership with Leading Edge Performance. A small team at the University of Chichester handle the oversight and operations of the WSLA programme. WSLA facilitators have been trained since 2014 and continue to support programmes around the world.


Dr Suzanne


WSLA Programme Development Lead

22 - Sport - Jordan Matthews -2.jpg

Dr Jordan


WSLA Programme Development Officer

Whether as trainees, support or programme leads, facilitators are essential to the delivery of WSLA programmes.

We continue the personal development of our graduates by inviting some of them to return to WSLA as facilitators. A dedicated training workshop is hosted before the WSLA programme starts.

Once a facilitator is trained at WSLA, we deploy them to work with our partners on licensed programmes around the world. Our pool of facilitators is over thirty people strong.

If you are interested in becoming a WSLA Facilitator, please contact us.




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